Another City, Another Softball Champ

IMG_2335Last week, my softball team, the Sweet Jizhes (jizhe=journalist) won our league’s championship after winning four games back-to-back (although the final game got called about halfway through due to some intense rainstorms).

I like to think I’m keeping up my streak of being on winning media teams wherever I go (our WSJ team was the league champ when I played on it in New York too).

Curling in Beijing

We’ve been having Internet issues (and VPN issues) so I’ve been unable to post for a while, so this one is a bit of a long time in coming.

A few weekends ago, the men’s world curling championships came to Beijing. Yes, curling, that crazy winter Olympic sport that involves sweeping the ice and that no one (except the Canadians) ever really understand, but that we became fans of during the most recent Olympics.

We got a group together to go watch the finals, which featured Norway vs Sweden. It was a bit odd watching in person, but something that I can now check off the bucket list!